Walk4Dignity@Sevathon2018 - Instructions for Donations

  • Click on the Donations Link
    • If you have been provided a  Donation link from your friend or family member that you are supporting - use that link
    • Otherwise use this link: Donate to Walk4Dignity
    • See image and red arrows

  • Select the person you want to support by selecting their name from the pull down menu as shown in image
  • Select the name and click on the "Donate" button

August 19, 2018 @ 6:30 am                 Arena Green, San Jose • 349 W. St. John Street San Jose, CA  95110

Instructions for Donations to Konnectors

  • You can donate via Paypal or with a Credit Card
  • You will receive a receipt once you are done via email
  • Thank you for supporting The Grateful Garment Project!! We sincerely appreciate the donation!