Walk 4 Dignity at Sevathon 2017

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* * Pre-event: pickup of Bibs and T-shirts  SATURDAY 8th July 1pm to 4pm @ 1401 Parkmoor Ave., Suite 125 San Jose, CA 95126


The Grateful Garment Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.                                                  Tax ID: 80-0725390

* Please be sure to chose "The Grateful Garment Project" as your Sevathon-2017 nonprofit partner on your registration form.

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​​​​​​​We Walk for Dignity!

Take a stand, create awareness, and raise funds as together we help return dignity to those who have had it stolen from them through sexual violence.

Join us and participate in a 5k or 10k, or a Half Marathon as a walker or a runner; or you can do Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) yoga poses instead.

Register and participate with us in this fun filled day of movement, friendship, and multi-cultural performances. This event is great for all ages, and of course, families are welcome.

​​For more information, please contact: nandini@gratefulgarment.org / 408-921-5133

​July 9, 2017                      Arena Green, San Jose • 349 W. St. John Street San Jose, CA  95110

Want to start a Dignity Team?

Invite your friends, family and coworkers to join you for a healthy, fun-filled morning that really does make a difference.  Teams can walk together, train together, set and reach goals together. 

Walk 4 Dignity Fundraising Incentives and Goals

Our goal is for all participants to raise $100 or more.  To foster spirit and encourage participants to kick up those efforts, we have multiple goal levels.

Participant Level - All participants receive a "Thank You" bag.

$100 Goal Level - A "I Walk 4 Dignity" Visor and a "Thank You" bag.

$250 Goal Level -  A "Thank You" bag that includes a Reusable Water Bottle, a Whistle and "I Walk 4                                   Dignity" Visor.

$500 Goal Level - A "Thank You" bag that includes a Reusable Water Bottle, a Whistle, "I Walk 4                                          Dignity" Visor and a fun-filled frisbee.

$1,000 Goal Level - A "Thank You" bag that includes a Reusable Water Bottle, a Whistle, "I Walk 4                                        Dignity" Visor, a fun-filled frisbee and an amazing gift or gift certificate from a local                                  business.